Tuesday, 8 December 2015

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Everyone knows of atleast one person in their lives who is responsible for the soundtrack that plays while everyone else is sleeping and mind you this is no music to the ears but by far it is perhaps the most disturbing sound you will hear. At night when there is pin drop silence and you can feel the arms of sleep trying to sing you a lullaby, this peaceful stance of yours is utterly shattered with the guttural snoring sounds of a partner or someone living in the same space as you. 

So while the individual sleeping may be not disturbed by the sound; you can kiss your night’s sleep goodbye. So why would someone really care if you are being disturbed by their snoring, they are sleeping peacefully right? WRONG! For a person who is snoring, s/he is infact having a troubled and labored breathing whereby this snoring sound is being produced because they have an obstructed airway during their slumber. 

This can actually be quite scary as they can choke in their sleep. So is there any way to help these individuals who contribute to noise pollution at night? Fortunately now there is a product called Snoremeds which is just the thing they need.

·         Reduces snoring
·         Removes the obstruction from your airway
·         Reduces labored breathing
·         Keeps the tongue positioned forward
·         Allows for a peaceful night’s sleep

How it works?
While a person is sleeping s/he is most relaxed and have no control over their body; for some people this means that while they sleep their tongue will lose control and go to the back of the mouth thereby creating an obstructed pathway of breathing. It is this obstruction of airway that which in turn causes the guttural sounds produced by the person when they sleep. 

This is because unknown to them their breathing has become laboured and has resulted in their body to actually struggle to breathe due to this people who snore usually feel unrested even after an entire night’s sleep because their body was working in overdrive as they slept. The way snoremeds works is that it pushes your jaw a little forward as you sleep at the same time ensuring that your tongue does not fall back and obstruct your airway. This simple logic can be tested in a simple enough experiment, first try to imitate snoring sounds; next push your lower jaw forward with your mouth closed and you will see that you will not be able to imitate the snoring sound. 

Thereby congratulations because you just tested and proved yourself that this product actually works. Now since during your sleep you do not have the required control to keep your jaw pushed forward this is where snoremeds come in.

How to Use it
Snoremeds box contains 4 Mouthpiece, 2 Spatula and 1 Anti-Bacterial Container. Snoremeds mouth piece device should be first kept in boiling water and then allowed to cool enough for you to place in your mouth; this mold is to be fit in your mouth once softened so that it can take the place of your lower and upper teeth. 

You can choose how far you want to set your lower jaw ensuring that it is not so far that you wake up every day with a sore jaw; some judgement and common sense is required while setting the snoremeds anti snoring mouth piece. Once the Snoremeds anti snoring mouth piece has been set it will ensure that your airway is no longer obstructed and your snoring goes away by setting your jaw a little forward.

Expected Results
Since Snoremeds is set only once, you need to be careful with the initial way that you set it in. In addition to this user will experience some discomfort in the initial days of usage as the mouth is not used to having a device while you sleep; the soreness will subside in 3 to 4 days and it may take a week or so for you to actually get used to the idea of sleeping with snoremeds anti snoring mouth piece. The results will be obvious instantaneously.

Any Side Effects

Using Snoremeds Anti Snoring Mouth Piece may result in some short term side effects such as soreness of the gums, soreness of jaws, limited movement of jaws. However it is important to understand that device is not meant for people who wear braces or retainers, suffer from sleep apnea, gingivitis or any teeth and gum disorder. Precaution should be used in setting the mold and if need be then medical advise can be sought before using this product.

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